Tarbiya Family

Tarbiya Institute

A Letter From Imam Azeez

Dear Tarbiya Family,

For the last 5 years, you have been faithfully coming to us. Together, we’ve built a community. Now, we are coming to you!

We’re so excited to share our new virtual masjid program – TarbiyaLive! We’re taking the best of what we do onsite and bringing it to you online. With the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, we moved our services online starting last Friday. In just two days, we went live with a Friday spiritual talk to fill the void from not being able to attend Jumaa. Now, less than a week later we are launching TarbiyaLive with Tafseerah Online, Quran-tine, Duaa Collective, Wellness Webinars, and more to come!

Our youth and children’s programs will also be featured on TarbiyaLive with Nizami Order Majlis digital meeting spaces, Sunday School curriculum modules, and a dynamic homeschooling resource hub.

We have been in non-stop meetings the past couple of days and have come to realize one thing: Allah (swt) is at work and all this has wisdom behind it. What we hoped to do in the future is becoming a reality now, all because of the community’s needs and a team unwilling to rest until those needs are met. Please remember us in your prayers and remember to support this effort in any way that you can. Pray, Serve and Give through TarbiyaLive today!

TarbiyaLive has many digital platforms where you can access our content:

We are calling everyone to three things!

Pray: stay spiritually connected through…
  • Friday Spiritual Talk: short spiritual talk every Friday at 12:45 P.M.
  • Quran-tine: nightly Qur’an recitation & khatira at 7:30 P.M.
  • Duaa Collective: Submit your duaa requests, then let’s pray together live Thursday nights at 7:45 pm
  • Tafseerah with Imam Azeez every Friday at 7:30 PM
  • Sunnah Session with Imam Kamran every Friday at 9:00 PM
Serve: your community through…
  • Rahma: Unleashed – grocery and medicine delivery for the elderly and otherwise impacted community members
  • Wellness Webinars – Q&A with healthcare, mental health, and other experts in our community.
  • Digital Counseling
  • Virtual Tutoring
  • And much more!
Give: continue to give so that we can help reach even more people!

We ask that you stay connected through our social media, email newsletter, and website to get regular updates and to join us in praying for those affected by this pandemic in any way and also for our health care professionals, first responders and volunteers out there serving people in need.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or please reach out to our Tarbiya staff members.

Your brother
M. A. Azeez