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Help serve the people in need!


Rahma Unleashed

A grocery and medicine delivery for the elderly and otherwise impacted community members.

Calling All Volunteers

If you want to serve!

Are You In Need?

If you are at high risk of coronavirus, sign up for our volunteer delivery service for groceries, medicines and other essentials.

Sundays & Wednesdays | 5:30 pm

Wellness Webinar

I'm worried about my parent's, how do I protect myself from being exposed? What do I do if I am showing symptoms? How do I self-quarantine? What foods should I have in my pantry? We're here to help! Please join us for Wellness Webinar with both a practical message and a spiritual understanding. This event will host professionals in healthcare, mental health, homeschooling, and more that will share valuable insight on important issues. Please tune in to TarbiyaLive, Sundays, and Wednesdays at 5:30 pm.

  • 1st Session | Wednesday, March 18th with Dr. Syed Talal Arshad for best practices of Social Isolation – Watch it here!
  • 2nd Session | Sunday, March 22nd with Sr. Aya Rasheed for coping with Stressful times during a global pendemic – Watch it here!
  • 3rd Session | Wednesday, March 25th with Sr. Saira Siddiqui on becoming a homeschooler – Watch it here!
  • 4th Session | Sunday, March 29th with Br. Josh Rahbar on staying fit while staying home – Watch it here!
Chaplaincy Program

The Ansar Initiative

Have you been feeling overwhelmed? At a loss? Scared by the recent current events?

Come check in with one of our Chaplains by making an appointment either through video chat or phone call.

We are here for you.

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Digital Counseling | Virtual Tutoring

And much more!

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